When to Serve Cake Pops???, let's think...

  • Baby Showers - Oh...these are so cute with the little feet and rattles, makes you want to have another one at age 42....right?   NOT
  • Bridal Showers - No Brainer!
  • Birthday Parties - SO MUCH more fun than a boring birthday cake...AND you don't have to buy plates or forks! You will be saving money and your husband will be ecstatic!!!
  • Business Meetings - This is how I close all my deals with my clients...Who can say "no" to a Hello Kitty Cake Pop?
  • Book Clubs - What are you waiting for Abby? You know that your book club friends would love to eat these while they drink wine, I mean discuss books
  • Retirement Parties - I can't promise that they won't stick to dentures, but who is wearing dentures at age 65? Put down your Sudoku book and eat a Cake Pop!
  • Soccer Games - Serve them at half time and watch out! Who said little Jimmy was too tired to play anymore? Look at him go!
  • Open Houses, Realtors LOVE Them - ...How do you think that I sold my last home? Everyone was on a sugar high outbidding each other!
  • Bingo night at the Senior Living Center - (yes Mom....this is directed to you) bring your neighbors some pops at the next Bingo Night!
  • First Communions - Jesus doesn't want Mommy to have to cook on this day...order pops! Back me up Anna!
  • Quinceneras - Ah Dios Mios!, so much better than another flan or apple empanada!
  • Art Gallery Events - Who doesn't want to buy a painting of 20 bears chasing butterflies in a beautiful alpine meadow after eating one, (okay 2) cake pops...I know I would! Kasey?
  • Family Reunions - Trust me on this one...these pops will put the "FUN" back into your dysfFUNctional family. It works every time...So you don't agree with your step-mom regarding ObamaCare? Stick a cake pop in her mouth and all is good!!!...Yes Georgette, we can make gluten free cake pops too!
  • Tea Parties - Just Ask Paige and Bentley...but make sure that they are GENUINE Paige's Cake Pops! these kids can taste the difference

Do you have another reason to serve/eat/give cake pops?
Add it to my blog and if I like it, I might surprise you with a special treat!

How do we come up with our flavors and special varieties? 

After completing a grueling day at the office, making dinner, bathing and putting girls to bed, Jennifer begins her late night shift creating new flavors, color combinations and mastering the art of cake  is her Passion!

Once she has finalized her new creations, she produces a batch to present before her board of critical taste testers for their honest feedback. They rate each pop on three categories, each worth a total of 5 points each. The highest possible score is 15! (Just in case you are too tired to do the math).

The categories include:

  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Style

Only cake pops with a score of 12 or better make it into the Paige's Cake Pop far they have all made it!

Paige's Cake Pops TASTE TEST TEAM

If not for the dedication, loyalty, candor, and devotion of the Cake Pop Taste Test Team...Paige's Cake Pops would not be what it is today!


Don't believe me? Click here to view actual ballots from the initial cake pops...GOOD TIMES

Thank you Tasters!

Paige's Cake Pops is a licensed bakery in the city of Newport Beach, CA.   Each cake pop is hand made in our Orange County Health Department certified kitchen which is also located in Newport Beach.   To ensure the quality, freshness, food safety laws, each cake pop is always individually wrapped with a sealed wrapper.

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